With reference to the proposed project, it is possible to identify two macro objectives with different specific objectives.

The first objective is related to the practical translation of theoretical research, through the creation of specific services to be offered on the reference market and the very constitution of the company, the second objective is instead the creation, within the established company, a sector capable of maintaining such innovative and efficient services over time.

The first objective is therefore divided into the following specific objectives:

•  Definition of a company identity
•  Definition of the organization of the company;
•  Integration and consolidation of the company within a market;

The second objective has the following specific objectives:

• Establishment of a Research and Development sector;
• Calibration and improvement of services.

It is useful to highlight how the project fits into the supply chains identified by the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), as well as into knowledge-intensive sectors (KIA). In particular between the areas of development (ads) characterized in the S3 the plan well is configured to the inside of the "green economy" and in particular in the line of participation 1 and 3 of following recalled:

1) l Incentive investment and use of financial resources, public and private, towards sustainable production and consumption, supporting training and research for eco-innovation;

3) the development of a knowledge-based economy by investing research and training combined with training in order to innovate eco-innovation and to disseminate green technologies.

With reference to KIA instead the project is included in points 72 and 74 respectively "Scientific research and development" and " Other professional, scientific and technical activities".
In fact, the services offered by the company are related to advice in the field of environmental engineering focused on the aspects related to the environmental permitting of road infrastructure, with particular reference to the following services:

In the field of Civil Engineering the company will be able to provide the following services:

  1. Estimation of vehicle traffic emissions at the design stage, with determination of emission factors in relation to the expected geometrical and vehicular flow conditions of the infrastructure;

  2. Estimation of vehicle traffic emissions at the management stage, with determination of emission factors in relation to traffic monitoring;

In the field of Mechanical Engineering the company will be able to provide the following services;

  1. Estimation of driving cycles related to "Real driving emissions" conditions for vehicle type-approval;

Moreover, among the objectives of the founding members of RISE is to define a software package for the aggregate estimation of emissions as input data for the verification of concentrations in air and consequent determination of the environmental quality conditions generated from the infrastructures examined.

The service offered allows from an operational point of view, through the use of innovative tools (virtual reality driving simulator combined with dynamic emission estimation models), the determination of the optimal cycle of vehicles capable of minimizing emissions in relation to traffic conditions.
In addition, where of interest to the developer, you are able to determine the whole system emissive of the infrastructure considering the whole of the means using the infrastructure and giving account of their condition of interaction with the objective of being able to evaluate the emission into air of the infrastructure and/or define its use optimal to changing environmental conditions (emissive context), physical (morphological) and functional (service levels).