Below are listed the results achieved so far following the implementation of the First Year Activity Plan.

The following activities have been carried out in relation to this Plan:

In particular, the first objective achieved by editing and Business Graphics was to achieve a corporate identity with the identification of a trademark that would correspond to the activities that RISE intends to carry out, easily readable and in accordance with market standards.
With this activity it was possible to define the colors and graphics of the company, an essential element for a proper and effective sponsorship of the same.

Another objective has been the drafting of systems and protocols able immediately to identify a work system "in quality". Although not yet certified, RISE has been equipped with a Manual that will allow it to be ready for future certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Moreover, this manual has marked the procedural guidelines to be followed for all the jobs and activities that RISE will be able to manage in the future, being able on the one hand to provide a better service to the customer and on the other to have certainty and traceability of the processes.

Such objective turns out primary to the aim to give an image of professionality and solidity of enterprise, being therefore fully framed between the standards of the market of the own competitors.

Among the best results of this first phase is definitely the "Client acquisition & engagement" service that has provided RISE with numerous opportunities for contacts and collaborations with Research Authorities, Private Companies, and Public Authorities.
Other ongoing activities are related to the creation of the research & development sector that will allow to achieve the objective of having an in-house structure able to keep the RISE always updated on the new technologies present on the market and to propose research applied independently in order to allow RISE itself to have new methodologies to propose to its customers.

Finally, with the University of Rome Tre – Department of Engineering Mechanical Sector, the refinement phase of the methodology was started, carrying out an experimental research for the improvement and calibration of the service offered. Experiments with on-board-diagnostic technologies are underway to determine the emission and engine operating parameters determined by the unit, in order to better simulate the model in a virtual environment.

This will help to achieve the objective of improving and making the service offered more effective. To date the objectives previewed from the Business Plan are reached or in course of attainment and they do not preview variations to how much introduced in course of application