RISE – Research and Innovation for Sustainable Environment

RISE was born through a financing project approved by the Lazio Region and which is currently being carried out. The aim is to provide specific support to project companies, management companies and infrastructure-owning entities in the field of environmental engineering. The main purpose of the company is to analyze and determine the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere by vehicles running through the road infrastructure, which is subject to changes in the characteristics of the infrastructure, and their contingent conditions of vehicular outflow. The services offered are framed in a context of innovation and in line with the recent regulations on vehicle type-approval through Real Driving Emissions The highly innovative profile is mainly linked to the methodology of estimation of emissions which, overcoming the current use of theoretical models and commercial software of low representativeness, it is based on the real driving behaviors derived from simulation techniques in virtual reality. For the development of services and research R.I.S.E. makes use of a group of experts in environmental and infrastructural matters, thanks to research agreements with University (Ex. Università degli Studi di Roma Tre – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Sezione civile, Università degli Studi di Roma Tre – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Sezione meccanica) and with the support of professionals who have been involved in environmental permitting for years.

Our Mission
The mission of RISE is to bring theoretical research closer to practical application in the field of environmental sustainability. Just as a university spin-off arises from the desire of the technology transfer of academic research within the market in the same way as RISE, which arises from a regional funding for Spin-Research has the ambitious objective of transferring to the world of engineering-environmental consulting all aspects of innovation and research that too often remain relegated to scientific publications or sector related magazines.
The will is to support public and private companies in the path of research and innovation in the field of sustainability through participation in national and international research projects.
Hence a range of highly innovative services that translate into real services applicable in the practice of environmental permitting and sustainability of transport infrastructures and tools of planning and territorial government.

Our Vision
Our vision is linked to the concepts of sustainability and to believe in a different development of the territory in which infrastructures and the elements related to them can become the engine of performance applied to the three pillars of economic-environmental-social sustainability.
To do this we need two requirements that define the boundaries of our Vision:
• A high degree of specialization in the services offered through state-of-the-art know-how in terms of innovation by those working to support proposers;
• The need not to conceive the design works within its own borders but to expand them and permeate them to the surrounding territory, thus becoming an element molded in relation to the territory and no longer an alien element "lowered" in a specific territorial reality.

It is only within these boundaries that we believe "Research and Innovation" can develop in the field of sustainability and that this can then be reflected in practice through the definition of truly sustainable projects.